Friday, September 10, 2010

A Letter to The Editor


There are days when you hurt, when you feel like your going to break. You want to hold your head high and act like there is nothing wrong. You want to fight these feeling, but more then anything you want to fight what is bringing these feelings. The worst part is you don't know where they are coming from. You don't understand why most days you are fine, but some days you cannot shake this feeling. This feeling of hurt, sadness, doom, and loneliness. On these days, Hold on don't give in to the thought that it won't get better or that you are alone.

You are a beautiful person. You have achieved things with strengths that you have pulled from places people had no idea existed. You can achieve your dreams, you can do whatever you want to do. Yes the struggles will find you, and you will have to fight your way through them. When you look back you will see how much you have grown, how many people you have touched, and how you literally saved your own life.

I know you are scared of a lot of things. I know because of the past, you have a lot of anxiety towards the future. You need to take a deep breath and let that go. What has happened is in the past, the future is going to happen, but the present is here and you need to live it. Stop holding on and fearing for the future, live for today. Let things happen, let yourself grow, let today guide you into tomorrow, let your heart be open to opportunity.

You grew up faster then most. You gave up a lot of your childhood for other people. Let that go, it is nobodies fault. You now have the time in your life that is yours, and nobody else stop giving it to the past. Be great full for the challenges you were given, for the family and friends who were there every step of the way. Look around you and feel the love from everyone, give the love to everyone.

Remember that this is life, There is feeling, remember that these feelings mean you are alive. That you are still breathing. Remember that you are still blessed to be here, that even though some of the most valuable people in your life have passed, you still have time to change the world. It is in your hands, this is your world, everyones world do your part NOW, today to change it.


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